Model: SET008
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  • Size 13/64" (5.2 mm)
  • Stamps Included Full alphabet, '&' symbol and 0-8 numbers (9 is a 6 upside-down). The period can be purchased separately.
  • Orientation Marks Not marked. It helps to use a black, white or metallic permanent pen to put a dot on the side of the stamp where you should hold your thumb to ensure the letter will be facing the correct direction.
  • Material Tool hardened steel.
  • Origin Made in Asia.
  • Sizing Notes This is labeled on the manufacturers package as 1/4", but when we measure the actual impression, they are 13/64". We try and be as accurate as possible!
  • Packaging Notes Arrive in a plastic case, packed with a light coat of oil to prevent rusting. Just use paper towels to wipe them off rather than water.
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