Model: HAM009
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This double sided texture hammer is for use on non-ferrous metals. Just place sheet metal on a steel bench block or anvil and strikesharply. Either strike all over the metal without rotating the hammeror rotate the hammer with each strike to achieve a new pattern. Hammers have a Rockwell hardness of 48.

This hammer has 2 patterns, crisscross and crosshatch on the other.

This is one of the texture hammers used in our Hammered Textured Metals online class with Kim St. Jean.

Although one side of this hammer looks like it will impress a star pattern, it really doesn't because it is hard to get that entire pattern to impress.....but it does make a pretty cool pattern (photo of left circle). Weare having a great time with these new texture hammers. There are somany different looking textures you can make be just rotating thehammer or by striking the metal with 2 different faces.

Texturing Hammers
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