Model: PLR003
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Lindstrom Rx ergonomic handled series has exemplify state-of-the-art hand tool design, function and performance.

Exclusive Micro-Touch handles make complete hand control possible for precision work.

Exclusive BioSpring reduces spring tension during work which lessons fatigue and makes work easier and safer. Tension and opening width can be adjusted by moving the end of the spring to the desired opening in the handle. 

Check out our Replacement Spring that fits all styles of Lindstrom Pliers.

These bent chain nose pliers are recommended and used in all of our Chainmail online classes.

What can I say? These babies are the Porsche of the pliers world. The minute you test them, you are sold. They are so comfortable in your hand and you know how much stress your hand gets after an afternoon of chain making. The adjustable spring is brilliant and super useful. They are also extremely gentle on your wire, leaving no mars or nicks. And, they last forever.

I was a little worried when these first arrived because the nose was so tiny. They are so great for so many things! I love the adjustable tension arm. The lightness of the tool and the length of the handle make it feel like and extension of my hand. It grips firmly without strain and yet does not mar the softer metals. I look forward to getting more Lindstrom pieces for my tool chest!