Design Idea: Anniversary Initials Pendant
Design Idea: Anniversary Initials Pendant
Model: MODEL-723
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Materials Used
Tools Used

Directions For Making This Pendant
  1. Select a blank for the design. We chose the 24-gauge 3/4" sterling silver circle.

  2. Punch a hole at the top of the blank. Mark the placement for the hole with a permanent marker and punch using the 1.8mm hole punch plier.

  3. Plan your design. This pendant commemorates a special anniversary. We stamped initials and the date underneath using the 1/16th letter set. In between we placed the Tiny Heart Design Stamp. If you need help lining up the letters, draw guidelines on the blank to help line up the letters as you stamp.We separated the dates with a dot by striking the center punch between the numbers. (Need tips on stamping? Check out the Pinch Bail and hang on a chain...done!

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