Model: AT111
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Stampable Leather Cuff 1 1/4" Distressed

  • Width: 32 mm (1.125")
  • Adjustable sizes: Small 7.25", Medium-Large 7.75"
  • Excess snap can be cut off, if not measurements are slightly smaller.
  • Snaps are a brass tone.
  • Color will vary by batch!
  • Great for stamping.
  • Easy to use with all of our different types of rivets.
  • These cuffs have a different treatment - allowing them to be stampable.
  • Less force needed to stamp impression than stamping on metal. 

  • These cuffs are a special treated leather, unlike our other leather cuffs.
  • These cuffs also work well for riveting your blanks onto as well as engraving. 




Dye Lots in leathers can vary approximately 5% from batch to batch slightly affecting the color. 

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