Jewelry Making Tools 5-Hole Disc Cutter - Pepetools
Jewelry Making Tools 5-Hole Disc Cutter - Pepetools
Model: CUT011
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Due to manufacturing constraints, we only get a handful of these Disc Cutters at any point in time and we never know when they will arrive. We often go months without receiving stock.  Add your name to the Notify Me list (top left) and we will keep you posted.

The Disc Cutter makes cutting metal sheet into perfect circles simple. The cutter is made of a high-quality steel and cuts 5 different sized circles. When you receive your cutter it will be covered in a fine film of oil. This is to prevent rust. Do not rinse the cutter under water to remove the film as it will cause it to rust. Instead dampen a paper towel with hot water and wring out. Wipe the excess oil off of the cutter and dry completely. A fine residue of oil will remain. This is preferable since it will further protect the tool from rust.

This cutter has 5 different hole sizes: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" 7/8" and 1".

A. Open disc cutter and insert metal to be cut. Line up your metal with the desired size hole. Push the top of the cutter down firmly on top of the metal so it is tight. Make sure that you are working on a stable surface.

B. Insert the appropriately-sized punch silver side down. Using a 1lb Brass Head Mallet, strike the punch until you feel it go through the metal. This may take several hard blows. Thicker gauge metal will take longer to punch through. Resist the temptation to pick up the top of the cutter to check your progress. This will cause your metal to shift and the cut to be off.

C. After the punch has cut through, lift the cutter up, so that the punch slides through the hole. If you try and pull the punch out, it can get stuck and be difficult to remove. You should have a perfectly cut disc. You may need to smooth the edges of the disc with very fine grit sand paper.

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