Model: SET072
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Size 1/8" (3mm)
Stamps Included Numbers include 0-8 (upside down 6 is used for 9).
Orientation Marks Engraved number on each side for easy identification.
Material Premium tool hardened steel: 60-62 on the C scale - can be used on Stainless Steel and any softer metal.
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Packaging Notes Arrive in a plastic case, packed with a light coat of oil to prevent rusting. Just use paper towels to wipe them off rather than water.
Quality Notes This is an ImpressArt set and has a Lifetime Guarantee. If a stamp becomes flat or dull we will replace it. Proof of purchase required.


If you are planning on using these to stamp on cutlery from which you will eat, DO NOT darken the impressions. You don't want to be eating any Sharpie marker or Liver of Sulfur!

Stamping on Stainless
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