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Silver Filled Circle 7/8"(22mm) with Heart, 24g

  • Diameter: 22mm (.87")
  • Heart Height: 5mm (.20") Width: 7mm (.28") lower corner
  • Thickness: 24g
  • Matching solderable heart is SS587.
  • If you solder Silver Filled, it will cause the silver to bubble a bit and result in a reticulated look.

  • Hundreds of times thicker and more durable than Silver Plated.
  • Silver Filled is a thick layer of .925 Sterling Silver mechanically bonded to copper.
  • Silver Filled is 1/10 or 10% by silver weight.
  • Can be oxidized and polished just like Sterling Silver.
  • Filling or sanding is not recommended as it may expose the copper core.
  • If you solder Silver Filled, it will cause the silver to bubble a bit and result in the reticulated look.
  • Anyone who can wear Sterling Silver can wear Silver Filled without an allergic reaction.
  • To pop any additional holes in this blank, we recommend using the Screw Down Hole Punch, not the Hole Punch Plier. 
  • When punching with the Hole Punch Plier, you often need to file the back a bit.  Filing might expose the copper core.
  • With filled blanks, we recommend polishing with a Pro-Polish pad or tumbler.
  • Do not use steel wool or sand paper on these blanks. 


These are super cute blanks that are a great medium size. The heart cut out is a great accent. The reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because they seem to be more scratched than other blanks I get from Beaducation. These are incredibly popular for Mother's Day and I make sure I order extra because some are guaranteed to be scratched. Also, sometimes the core seems to streak through and is visible. They are so unique, though, that I still happily order them!!
Beaducation Replied:

Our silver filled blanks are considered raw materials and may have some light surface scratches. A pro polish pad will take care of most of these imperfections. They have a micro-abrasive that removes surface blemishes and leaves the metal bright and shiny, maintaining that mirror-like surface. They are a must-have and safe for silver filled blanks. Or, you can give the blank a satin finish with fine steel wool. This is a great option that will remove the surface scratches and also helps mask fingerprints on your finished pieces.

In the process of counting all of our incoming shipments, we are also applying quality controls and removing any defective/damaged materials. If a deep scratch makes it past us, customers are welcome to return these for refund or store credit.