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Which blank should I use?  Have you asked yourself that question before?  Here is the solution.  We've packaged 1 of each of the popular sized circles for you to see which is your favorite....hopefully it's all of them!

Included in the variety:

  • Durable yet stamps like butter!
  • Requires lighter hammer strike
  • Lightweight
  • Does not tarnish
  • We recommend a Sharpie or Gilders Paste to darken impressions.
  • Not for soldering, but great for riveting!
  • Silver Black and Liver of Sulfur are NOT recommended. 
  • We recommend using the screw-down hole punch rather than hole punch pliers.
  • Sold as a pack.

To pop a hole in these blanks, we recommend using the Screw Down Hole Punch.

For stamping instructions and tips, please check out our free class "Stamping On Metal". For some great stamping design ideas, you might like our free class "Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas".

Working with Aluminum
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  • Lightweight, easy to stamp, requires lighter hammer strike and does not tarnish.
  • We recommend using a Sharpie or Gilders Paste to darken impressions.
  • We recommend using the screw-down hole punch rather than hole punch pliers.
  • May arrive with minor surface scratches that may require polishing. 
  • Not intended for stamping on both sides as it will show through.
  • Because Aluminum is soft, it is best to finish these pieces as matte (using Steel Wool ) so they will not show scratches.


This is a GREAT sampler pack. I wish I had known about this when I first started out. These are of great quality and the size chart that comes with them is an added bonus!
Mandy C