Model: SET001
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Size 1/16" (1.6 mm)
Stamps Included Full alphabet and 0-8 numbers (9 is a 6 upside-down) and a period.
Orientation Marks Each stamp has a thumb groove ensuring letter will be facing the correct way when stamping.
Material Tool hardened steel.
Origin Made in the USA.
Sizing Notes This is the smallest size we sell. They stamp easier and require a light whack. If used in a word with a 1/8th letter first in the word, the 1/8th looks like a capital letter and the 1/16th looks like lowercase.
Stamping Notes

These stamp deeper and require a lighter whack.

Letters do not always line up on shank straight like Beaducation Originals. 

Packaging Notes Will arrive in a wooden box where each stamp will have its own home.
Related Sets Can be paired with the Economy Block Lowercase Letter Stamp Set 1/16"
Choosing a Font and Size
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