Model: POL018
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3M Radial Disc 3/4" 6 micron (Peach) - 3 Pack


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  • Comes in pack of 3
  • Abrasive: 6 micron
  • Wheel diameter: 3/4" 
  • Hole size: 1/16"
  • Used with our Mini Screw Mandrel 
  • Nearly completely dust-free when used to polish
  • Flexible bristle provides uniform finish
  • Removes firescale 
  • Removes oxides without heavy compounds
  • Can polish deep recesses
Order of Radials from most coarse to most fine:
Yellow (80 grit), White (120 grit), Red (220 grit), Blue (400 grit), Pink (Pumice), Peach (6 micron), Green (1 micron)

These Radials are used with our Screw Mandrel. It is necessary to stack them 3-6 at a time onto the mandrel so they create a nice wide brush. You will need to stack them in the correct direction. When loading your radials on your mandrel, you will want the points of the radials to be going to the right as you are looking at them. If you look at the back of the radial, you will see the 3M logo. This logo needs to be pointing down toward the shaft of the mandrel. If you stack your radials the wrong way, they will bend back and begin to break, destroying the radial bristles. 


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