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Silver Filled "Tiffany" Style Heart, 24g

  • Height: 24mm (.95")
  • Width: 22mm (.87")
  • Thickness: 24g

Silver Filled Stamping Blanks
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  • Hundreds of times thicker and more durable than Silver Plated.
  • Silver Filled is a thick layer of .925 Sterling Silver mechanically bonded to copper.
  • Silver Filled is 1/10 or 10% by silver weight.
  • Can be oxidized and polished just like Sterling Silver.
  • Filling or sanding is not recommended as it may expose the copper core.
  • If you solder Silver Filled, it will cause the silver to bubble a bit and result in the reticulated look.
  • Anyone who can wear Sterling Silver can wear Silver Filled without an allergic reaction.
  • To pop any additional holes in this blank, we recommend using the Screw Down Hole Punch, not the Hole Punch Plier. 
  • When punching with the Hole Punch Plier, you often need to file the back a bit.  Filing might expose the copper core.


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