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Stop that laborious cranking and try the new Quick Coiler for making your wire coils.

Eight mandrels included are the following diameters: 1mm, 2mm (each of those are 6" long), 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm (each of those mandrels are 3" long). Each mandrel has the universal hexagonal fitting to accommodate the cordless rechargeable screwdriver

Also includes 4 standard cordless screwdriver bits so you can put together some furniture when you're done making jewelry.

This is a great tool to bust out a coil! Practice first with copper wire until you master how to feed on the wire. Simply insert the mandrel of your choice (they are each labled with their size) then anchor the wire by tucking it in the hole in mandrel. Feed the wire up slowly by holding and bracing as shown here. The drill moves slow enough to easily control the wire.

In most of my classes and kits, I have you build a coil on a small mandrel. The 1mm mandrel in this set is the same size as the mandrel I give out in class and in kits.

Quick Coiler
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