Model: MEA004
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This is the smallest scale you've ever seen! Compact and accurate with a capacity of 300g x 0.1g. Also weighs in penny weight, grams and ounces.

* 2 7/8" x 1 7/16" x 1/2", weight 1.6oz.
* Full tare function/calibration
* Backlit LCD display
* Auto shut-off overload protected
* Runs on one CR2032 battery, included
* Case and full instructions included
* Cover doubles as a tray (shown above)

Ok, is this the cutest thing you have ever seen! And it works really really well. Just slide off the top, lay it on the scale and then turn the scale on. By turning the scale on while the lid is resting on it, it will calibrate to zero and won't include the weight of the lid. Then you can use the lid as a tray to hold whatever you are weighing. We use this mostly for our Bali Silver. It is great to bring to shows to weigh silver you are considering buying.

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