Model: VA022
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Seafoam Enamel Jump Rings 4.5mm, 18g 1oz.
  • Inner Diameter: 4.5mm
  • Thickness: 18g
  • Qty: 1 oz pack (approximately 235 rings)
  • Will not peel or flake
  • Colors may differ slightly from batch to batch.
Enameled copper rings are some of the brightest and most colorful you'll find. They are made by adding a plastic enameled coating to copper wire.

The original copper wire is visible at the cut, but when closed will not be visible.

The vibrant color can fade slightly over time, but enameled copper is the most reliable in color of all the anodized metals.

Click Tool Magic for coating your pliers while working with these jump rings. It with eliminate any enamel sticking to your tools while opening and closing your rings.


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