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Designed for years of trouble free service, this 3 pound capacity tumbler is perfect for cleaning and burnishing your sterling silver, silver filled, copper, brass, gold and gold filled jewelry and jump rings. The barrel is made from a hard rubber to minimize noise. Weighs 5 pounds.

Stainless Steel shot and Tumbler sold separately. Click here to purchase a bag of stainless steel shot to use with your tumbler.

Please read the manufacturers pamphlet (included with Tumbler) for proper care and maintenance of your Tumbler.

For best results, we recommend putting in about 1.5lbs of Stainless Steel Shot, your jewelry or jump rings and a few drops of Shine Brite Burnishing Compound. Fill with water 1" above your media. I tend to tumble for 30 or so minutes. To harden Jump Rings, tumble for at least an hour.

Do not over fill your Tumbler with material. If your barrel weighs more than 3lbs, it will not move.

Lortone Tumbler
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