Model: CUT007
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These cutters boast the high quality that we love from Tronex. The flush blades of this cutter are angulated at the very tip to get into hard to reach, tight spots. These cutters should not be used on wires thicker than 22 gauge.


~ DO NOT USE THESE CUTTERS FOR HALF HARD OR HARD WIRE, unless it is one of the above listed metals and is 24 gauge or thinner.
  • 100% manufactured in the USA
  • High-grade alloy steel
  • Each cutter tested individually
  • Distinctive "Snap" cutting performance
  • You can send your tool directly to Tronex and they will sharpen it, replace the grips, the washer, and the screw all for about $10! Here's the address:

    Tronex Technologies
    2860 Cordelia Road
    Fairfield, CA 94534

Click Here for More Info on Tronex Cutters (PDF, 64K)

These are my current favorite cutters! That little bent tip is so handy for the final cut in a wire wrapped loop or for cutting apart coils. They are a bit expensive, but in my opinion, totally worth it. Do not abuse that tip. Please read the above guidelines on what wire to cut and what thickness.

Tronex Cutters
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