Model: MM046
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Stamp It Straight Tape
  • Creates straight edge to line up the bottom of stamps
  • Write on tape to mark where each stamp will go
  • Removes easily
Perfect tool to help you stamp straight.  Mark measurements on the tape to indicate where each letter should go.  The thickness of this tape makes it so easy to catch the edge of the bottom of your stamp as you drag it down.  Your letters will be perfectly aligned!

Lowercase letters can be a little trickier with this tape. The word 'shine' in our sample worked perfectly because it doesn't contain any letters that hang down, such as j, g, y, q or p. If you are using a lowercase set and your word contains any of those letters, the tape might not be the best fit for you.

You will also want to make sure to stick the top edge of your tape just lower than the dead center of your blank. If the top edge of the tape is dead center, your letters will be placed a bit higher than center (remember the tape is lining up the bottom of your letter, not the entire letter).

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