Model: SS545
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Soldered S/S 12 Petal Flower on S/S 8 Petal Flower
  • Top Flower: Sterling Silver-Diameter 16mm(.63")
  • Bottom Flower:  Sterling Silver-Diameter 19mm (.75")
  • Thickness: Top 24g, Bottom 24g
  • These are soldered by hand.
  • Overstamping can distort the blank, weaken the solder and cause the blanks to disjoin.

To pop a hole in this blank, we recommend using the Hole Punch Plier.

For stamping instructions and tips, please check out our free class "Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas".

We found that stamping one design stamp or one small word on the top blank was successful and left the solder safely joined. These blanks are all soldered by hand, so if you happen to get a rare one that pops off, send it back to Customer Service and we will be happy to send you a replacement.



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