Model: BM444
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 Brass Locking Ring 
  • Inner Diameter: 6mm
  • Thickness: 14g
  • Use 1.8mm Hole Punch Pliers or large side of the Screw Down Hole Punch

These can be tricky the first time you open and lock your first ring. Be sure to put on your glasses or use a magnifier if you need one because the locking component is quite small. You'll need two chain nose pliers to open and lock these rings into place. Once you lock them they are a done deal, so no reopening these puppies!

Locking Rings
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A Note About Jump Ring Gauges
1.25mm hole punch plier accommodates up to a 18 gauge jump ring
1.8mm hole punch plier accommodates up to a 14 gauge jump ring
(Don't forget the lower the gauge number, the thicker the jump ring)
Click Here to Find Out the Jump Ring to Pair with Your Blank

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