Model: TL039
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Crystal Snap Rivet: 
Pack of 5 Rivets
Crystal AB 5mm
Synthetic Crystal
Shank width: 3mm
Shank length from bottom of the crystal: 3mm

Clear AB is a version of clear with a special coating bonded to the outer surface to give it a reflective quality that makes these clear rivets shine like the rainbow. If you like our Clear Rivets, but want a little added sparkle, this is the color for you!

These rivets make cold connection a snap! These can be used to snap two pieces of metal together, to add a little color to your blank or as a birthstone accent! You will need to create a 5/32" hole for these rivets. This is a little smaller than 4mm. You can create this hole with our Power Punch Pliers.

You will hammer the rivet down with our Snap Rivet Setter and  Plastic Mallet on top of a Bench Block

Snap Rivets
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