Simple Soldered & Soldered Rim Pendants DVD with Kate Richbourg
Simple Soldered & Soldered Rim Pendants DVD with Kate Richbourg
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Simple Soldered & Soldered Rim Pendants Online Class with Kate Richbourg

Learn two great basic soldering techniques on one DVD. This disc combines two popular Beaducation classes that will have you making spectacular pendants in no time. In Simple Soldered Pendants you'll learn to solder one metal blank to another to make a pendant. In Soldered Rim Pendant you'll learn to take that technique one step further to add a lovely decorative rim around the edge of the pendant.  Kate breaks these techniques down in easy to follow step-by-step classes to make simple, yet stunning pendants.

For a full description, pictures, and a list of tools and materials needed for this DVD, click here to go to the Soldered Rim Pendant page.

The DVD also includes a FREE prerequisite Beaducation class as well as a printable handouts for both classes. This DVD includes the following FREE class: Torch Talk with Iris Sandkuhler.

If you prefer to purchase the classes separately in the online class format (to be viewed through our viewer), click here for FREE: Simple Soldered Pendant and click here for Soldered Rim Pendant.

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