Model: SH046
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Patterned Brass Sheet
22 gauge
2.5" x 6"

Instructor Tracy Stanley was at Beaducation Headquarters this year and gave us some great tips for using this Patterned Brass Sheet Metal. It can be used to pattern your blanks. Take a very wide piece of masking tape and tape down your blank on top of the patterned sheet onto your metal stamping block. The blank should be the top layer. Then take your 2 Pound Brass Head Mallet and hit the blank (which is taped to the brass sheet that is in turn taped to the block) and hit the blank dozens of times (not just once). Make sure you hit the blank firmly all over the blank. Then you can untape the blank and see the pattern from your brass sheet right there on your blank. Pretty cool eh?

  • Textured Brass can be cut and sawed.
  • It can be riveted too as seen with this cloud pendant.
  • It can be used to pattern your blanks as seen with the silver in this earring.

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