Model: HOL004
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This stand has 28 large holes that measure 10mm in diameter, and 42 small holes that measure 8mm in diameter.  The smaller holes will hold all our silver colored round 1/4" design stamps.  The larger holes will hold the black design stamps with square shanks as well as our new larger round-shank stamps. This is a great way to keep all your designs organized for easy access and viewing. This practical item is made of hard press board.

Please note, the holes in this holder will not fit the extra large stamps such as the birdcage and circle borders.

**To determine if your stamps will fit in this holder, simply measure the diameter of the round stamps, or across the diagonal for square stamps.  If they measure 10mm or less they will fit in the 28 larger holes.  If they are 8mm or less they will also fit nicely in the 42 smaller holes.

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