Model: POL008
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Cleans copper, sterling, nickel and brass.  Environmentally friendly and phosphate-free.  Restores metal to its original luster.  Removes tarnish and fire scale.

This is a great "green" way to clean your precious metals. Penny Brite contains only food-grade citric acid in a phosphate-free soap, so you can use and rinse it down the sink without worrying about the environmental effects. 

We think it removes tarnish like a dream and works great on removing fire scale!  Just rub it on until tarnish is removed, and rinse.

Although the jar says to not use this product on silver, the manufacturer has assured us that it's okay to do so.  To avoid possible damage to the surface of the metal, they recommend thoroughly rinsing with warm water to completely remove product from the surface.
Penny Brite
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