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Get a jump on the newest trend in jewelry making!  This easy-to-use engraving tool comes with everything you need to start engraving your own jewelry.

Kit includes:
  • Motorized electric engraver with transformer (wall plug adapter)
  • 1/32" (1mm) diamond bit with spherical head - for fine engraving and line work
  • 5/64" (1.8mm) diamond bit with spherical head - for fine engraving and line work
  • 2 silicon carbon grinding bits; one conical and one bullet shaped - for shading and frosting
  • 2 carborundum grinding bits; one spherical and one cylindrical - for working with hard metals such as iron or steel
  • Block to hold bits when not in use
  • Glass and templates for engraving practice
  • Heavy duty carry and storage case
Important information when using:
  • Always wear a dust mask and safety goggles when engraving.
  • It is essential to practice on a piece of scrap metal before engraving any piece.
  • A steady hand is necessary to engrave.
  • The tool pulls slightly to the right because the tip rotates so rapidly, but practice makes perfect.

Engraving Tool Set
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