Model: SOL022
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This is the best quality hand-held butane torch with a safety auto lock on/off switch on the market. It measures six inches tall and has an instant lighting ignition.

The flame has a maximum temperature of 2500°F and a 90 minute burn time per fill. Easy-adjust feature assures the right flame for any job.

**Butane not included. There are different types of butane.  Make sure you are using triple refined butane fuel.  It will burn cleaner and extend the life of your torch. Triple refined butane can be found at hardware stores or cigar shops.

For more information on using butane torches, check out our FREE Butane Torch Safety class.

This torch is used in our Metal Fold Forming, Torch Enameling, and Soldering classes.

This torch is a perfect upgrade if you have been doing metalwork for a while and are ready for a fancier tool. If you are new to metalworking and like to buy the best at the beginning, you won't be disappointed. This is not a "creme brulee" kitchen torch. It is a professional quality jeweler's tool.

This is the torch of choice for our metalsmithing instructor, Kate Richbourg. She is still using the very same torch that she purchased over 10 years ago. It still works as great as the day that she bought it!
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