Model: PUN007
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This Power Punch has a specially designed compound action and seven hardened cutting dies to punch through thick metal with ease.  You can punch through metals up to 16 gauge in thickness.  Comes in light weight carrying case with handle.  Each punch and die is individually marked with size for ease and accuracy. 

Seven popular sizes in one plier 3/32" (.094", 2.38mm), 1/8"(.125", 3.17mm), 5/32" (.156", 3.96), 3/16" (.188", 4.78mm) , 7/32" (.219", 5.56mm), 1/4" (.25", 6.35mm), 9/32" (.281", 7.14mm).

We have been having fun with this tool.   Woooweee, big holes in everything!  This tool also has a side gauge for depth adjustment up to 2 inches.

To change the punches in this tool, you need to swap out both the punch and the die.  To change out the die, simply unscrew it.  To change out the punch, use the included key to unscrew the screw on the lower throated handle, and slide out the punch.  Make sure the punch and the die are the same size.  Please wear safety glasses when using this tool.

Power Punch Plier
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