Model: PUN005
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These pliers are new to the market and I love the quality, and especially the price. They punch great through the blanks but they are not strong enough to punch through the Flat Wire or any metal thicker than 24 gauge. We have tried this tool on heavier metal and the tip bends and breaks on thicker gauges. Use this tool for 24 gauge metal and thinner.

We have included a plastic grid with these pliers. You will need this grid as cushioning when you punch a hole. If you punch a hole in metal without some padding, these pliers will mar a circle around your hole (yuck!). To avoid that, follow these instructions:

  1. First position your pliers in one of holes of the grid. (5 or so mm from the edge).
  2. Next, using a pen, put a dot on your metal where you want the hole to be punched.
  3. Now lay the grid over your metal, letting the marked dot show through the hole in your grid.
  4. Last, lay the punch of the pliers on the dot (through the hole in the pad). Squeeze and punch the hole.

By doing this, your punch will be padded when you squeeze it and you will be able to clearly see the spot where you intend to punch.


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