Model: DS170
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  • Design measures: 4.5mm wide by 5mm high.
  • Made from 1/4" round heat-treated tool steel.
  • This is an original Beaducation design.


Design Stamps are a bit tricky. I highly recommend you practice on some cheap metal before diving into your Sterling Silver or Gold Filled. Click here to purchase a piece of copper sheet for practicing.

For best results with Design Stamps, make sure there is NO padding under your Bench Block, make sure you are working on a stable table, and use a hammer which weighs at least 16 ounces. We recommed a Brass Head Mallet. Feel free to hit the stamp more than once, but hold the stamp steady, making sure you don't shift at all between hits. The more confident you are with the hammer and the strength behind it, the better your impression will be.

Click the TILT & TAP STAMPING METHOD button above for more tips on working with our Design Stamps.


Yes you will have to give this a Whack or maybe its just the fact that I am new to this type of stamps. Either way its not like a very over exaggerated hit just a little tougher than usual until you get the feel of it. If you ALREADY have their yin/yang metal stamp this is similar in design and style and size. No commmplaints, i am all about what you get for your money and for 9.75 and all the different ideas Beaducation gives for uses like borders and ect makes it well worth the cost.
Devine D.