Design Idea: Stamped and Riveted Tweet Pendant
Design Idea: Stamped and Riveted Tweet Pendant
Model: MODEL-896
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Materials Used
Tools Used
 Steps for Making this Pendant
Step 1: Choose your blank. We used the oval and the Sterling Silver Flower Tags.

Step 2: Choose your stamps. Use stamps that have simple lines and that will work together well. For this project, we used the Bird Stamp along with the letter “I” and period from the 3/32nd stamp set (any size will do, though. If you have a letter set, take a look at the “I” and see if the size works for you.) We used the NEW lowercase Gothic set for the word “Tweet”.

Step 3: Stamp the blank. We stamped the grass first, followed by the bird. We randomly added the dots and then stamped the word. The whole idea behind doing collage work with stamps is to mix and match different stamps together to create a “tableau”. If you haven’t collage-stamped before, you might want to test out your collage on a piece of copper sheet for placement.

Step 4: Rivet the flower to the main blank. Using the 1.25mm hole punch, punch two holes, one in the blank where you would like the flower to sit and one in the flower tag. Rivet the two pieces together using a 16-gauge wire for the rivet. (Need to brush up on your riveting skills? Check out our Introduction to Riveting class.)

Step 5: Antique and polish the blank. Attach to a chain using jumprings on each side and add a clasp to the back.

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