PRODUCT TIP: Adding Flat Back Crystals to Blanks
PRODUCT TIP: Adding Flat Back Crystals to Blanks
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Gluing rhinestones is easier than you think. Check out the tip below on how to use these crystals in your designs.

Purchase the following items used in this tip:
Hypo Cement
2.6mm Swarovski Flat Back Crystals
Allegro Tweezer
Tiffany Heart

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Gluing on a Stamped Blank
Make sure that the blank is clean and free of fingerprints

Stamp, antique and polish the blank.

Place a small dot of glue (we used Hypo Cement) on the blank and set the stone in place. Do not use too much glue to adhere the crystal. If you are having trouble controlling the amount of glue from the tube, squirt out a bit of glue on a plastic baggie and use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue where you need it.

After gluing, let the blank sit at least 12 hours before wearing to set the glue.

Remove any excess glue.

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