MORE INFO: Stamping Blank Sizes
MORE INFO: Stamping Blank Sizes
Model: MODEL-785
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Beaducation carries a variety of sizes of stamping blanks. We have created this reference guide to help you determine the best size blank for your projects. Remember that the size of the blank that you choose depends on the project, stamps and the final result that you are looking for. There is no "right answer" to the question "What blank should I use?" Take a look at all of the variables in your design and take that as your starting point.

If you are new to stamping, you may wish to purchase a variety of blanks in Copper or Nickel to practice on. It is an economical alternative to sterling and will allow you to try a variety of sizes.

Here's how to use this as a reference:
  1. Do not print this page.
  2. Instead, click on the image below these instructions and a PDF file will open in a new window.
  3. Print the PDF and make sure you do NOT choose the "fit to page" or "scale each page" option in your printing menu. If you do not see this option when printing from your browser and your printed page is not true to size, check the main printer options on your computer to be sure it's not scaling the image.
  4. Your printed version should be true to size and the best way to tell if you've printed this correctly is to place a Quarter or Dime over the printed piece.

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