PRODUCT TIP: Drilling with the Foredom Flex Shaft
PRODUCT TIP: Drilling with the Foredom Flex Shaft
Model: MODEL-776
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A Foredom Flex Shaft is a great tool to add to your jeweler’s workbench. This product comes with a kit containing a variety of bits and a user’s guide. This tool must be suspended from a hanger. We stock a specialty hanger to secure the Flex Shaft to your worktable.

Don’t forget to wear safety glasses!

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Cut Lube »
Center Punch »
Flex Shaft Hanger »
One Pound Brass Mallet »
Small Files »step 2
Slide the motor of the flex shaft into the hanger clamp.
step 4
The flex shaft also has a clamp that sits in the middle of the holder to hold the handpiece.
step 6
To open the chuck of the handpiece, use the key that comes with the kit.
step 8
Use cut lube to lubricate the drill bit. This will make drilling easier and faster.
step 10
Position the drill bit on the metal and press the foot petal. While the drill is rotating, press down to make a hole. The bit will indent into the wood slightly and you will feel a change in resistance. At this point  keep the drill rotating and pull the hand piece up to remove the drill bit from the hole.

The metal may become warm during drilling. It will not affect the process to stop and let the metal cool and restart.
step 11
The hole should be free of burrs. If needed use a needle file to refine the hole.

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