PRODUCT TIP: Stamping on Ring Blanks
PRODUCT TIP: Stamping on Ring Blanks
Model: MODEL-753
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Rings Rock! This tip teaches how to quickly and easily stamp on ring blanks.

There are several things to remember when stamping rings:
  • Make sure to use a metal ring mandrel. A plastic mandrel will not work.
  • Make sure you are using a table vise with Rubber clamp liners.  This rubber grip keeps it from marring or misshaping your ring.
  • After stamping the ring will grow in size from 1/4 to 1/2 of a ring size.
  • Do not use stamps that are wide images when stamping the ring or the edges of the image will not come out when you stamp. The stamping surface of the ring is fairly narrow. If you want to try stamping an image that is wider, try our “Tilt ‘n Tap” method explained in our Using Design Stamps Free Tip.
Purchase the following items used in this tip:
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Steel Ring Mandrel »
Table Vise »
Steel Bench Block »
One Pound Brass Head Mallet »
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Clamping the Ring
Firmly attach the table vise to your work surface.

Tilt the vise at a 45° towards you. Open the jaws of the clamp and close them tightly around the ring mandrel so that the mandrel does not move. The ring should protrude slightly above the jaws of the clamp and be secure between the rubber jaws of the vise.

Using Design Stamps
As mentioned above, don’t use stamps that are too wide as the stamping surface is limited.
Finished Ring
When the stamping is complete, antique with Liver of Sulfur or a Sharpie ™ marker. Polish with a Pro Polish pad.
An alternative method to the table vise is to use two bench blocks to stabilize the ring mandrel. Slide the ring on the mandrel and tape it down securely to the two bench blocks using painters tape. Stamp as outlined in directions above.

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