PRODUCT TIP: Using Resin
PRODUCT TIP: Using Resin
Model: MODEL-752
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Watch our online video class: Choose Your Image
Choose and print the photograph for the pendant. We chose "thumbnail" size from our picture printer.

This round bezel measures approximately 3/4" across and the photo measures about 1x 1 1/2" so it allows plenty of room to center the pendant on the photo.

We printed on plain, white printer paper. This paper does not smear when sealed with white glue.
Fit the Image
Check the size of the photo. Make sure that it lays flat inside the bezel cup.

How Much Resin to Use?
Take a look at the measuring cup. There are several different measurements along the sides.

We chose the fluid ounce measurement. 1/4 fl. oz total resin is enough for 3-4 bezels depending on their size.

It is very important to have exact measurements of both parts of resin. If the ratio is not correct, the resin will not cure properly.

In order to maximize your working time prepare 3-4 bezels at once. This way you can use all of the resin that is mixed and reduce waste.
Mixing the Resin
As you can see, the resin does not mix after pouring. To mix, use the wooden stir stick that comes with the resin kit. Mix the resin together gently for 2 minutes.

Do not whip the mixture as this will cause large bubbles to form in the resin.
Pour the Resin
You may glue the image to the bezel using Nunn Design glue by painting a layer of glue on the bezel and adding the image on top. This is an optional step and should not take the place of sealing the image.

If you do use the glue, make sure that it has dried completely before pouring the resin or it will cause bubbles to form.

Line up all of the pendants and carefully pour a small amount of resin into each bezel cup. Let the resin settle for a minute or so and pour a drop or so more to fill the cups so that the resin domes in the cup.

If there are bubbles in the resin, place the pendant under a lamp or use a hair dryer on low to slightly heat the resin and bring the bubbles to the surface. If using a hair dryer be very careful not to blow the resin out of the cup. This process should take just a few minutes.
The Finished Pendant
After curing, your pendant is ready to wear. We paired it with a stamped washer and heart charm.

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