Design Idea: Love Squared Pendant
Design Idea: Love Squared Pendant
Model: MODEL-725
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Materials Used
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Directions For Making This Pendant
  1. This pendant is a great way to use the Square Washers. We chose to use them for a pendant, but the same idea could be expanded to a bracelet design. You would need to stamp as many blanks that would fit around the wrist (7-8 pieces) and then add a clasp to the end.

  2. Lay out your blanks and mark the holes with a permanent marker. If all of the blanks are laying side-by-side you can get the holes even by marking them all at the same time. Use the 1.8mm hole punch pliers to make the holes.  This layout has one square with two holes on the top and bottom and one square with two holes on top and one on the bottom center.

  3. Plan your design. We chose a variety of foreign words for "love". We added random designs using the asterisk design stamp and the dots are made using a center punch. We added the Heart Spiral to the top square. Decide what you like and stamp away! (Need tips on stamping? Check out the Bead Chain 1.5mm 16".

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