Design Idea: XOXO Stamped Pendant
Design Idea: XOXO Stamped Pendant
Model: MODEL-692
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Directions For Making This Pendant.
  1. For this ultra-modern pendant we chose the *NEW* Sterling Silver Rectangle Pendant with Tube Top. This simple pendant is the perfect design for a single word, name or sentiment.

  2. Plan your design. We like the way the 1/16th Letter Stamps look on this size pendant. We stamped "xo xo" and followed up with the Tiny Heart Design Stamp. Note when stamping on this particular blank you need to hang the tube off the side of your bench block when you are stamping, so it lays flat. (We have photos of this step on the product page, here.) In order to keep the letters straight we drew a fine line down the center of the blank with a permanent marker so we could line up the letters on this guideline. If you need more stamping tips, check out the Pro Polish pad.

  3. Finish off by hanging the piece from a chain. You may need to remove the jumpring at the end of the chain so that the pendant can slide easily on to the chain. After the pendant is on the chain add the jumpring back onto the end.

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