Jewelry Making Tools Silver Solder Paste SOFT, 1/2 oz
Jewelry Making Tools Silver Solder Paste SOFT, 1/2 oz
Model: SOL006
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Silver Solder Paste SOFT, 1/2 oz
  • Allows for very precise application
  • Comes with convenient syringe and two dispensing tips
  • SOFT paste solder is cadmium free
  • Contains a blend of solder powder, flux and binder
  • Flow temperature is at 1325 °F (718 °Celsius)
  • Use with soldering picks to apply to soldering joint



Do I want soft solder or hard solder?Solder comes in soft, medium or hard. This simply indicates the difference in temperature required to get the solder to flow. Soft flows at a lower temperature than medium and so on. This is important if you are going to be soldering multiple layers of metal on the same piece. You would solder with a harder (higher temp) solder the first time and a comparatively softer (lower temp) solder the second time. This will keep previous joints from re-flowing. If you only need to solder one time, you can use any level but you might as well use soft or medium to save time and fuel.

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