Jewelry Making Tools Aqui Flux
Jewelry Making Tools Aqui Flux
Model: SOL038
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  • The jeweler's hard soldering flux.
  • Yellow-green self pickling.
  • Well-mixed to eliminate suspension.
  • Use on clean surface free from oil or grease.
  • Use on silver, gold, or other metals with high melting point. 
  • Preserves the temper and color of metal.
  • The adhesive qualities of this liquid flux hold solder in place.
  • Bottle is 8 oz. 
  • Always wear safety glasses while soldering.
  • Apply with brush, flux applicator bottle, or dip piece in liquid
  • Self-pickling water-based flux
  • Use our Burn Away Brushes with this Flux as well as our Applicator Bottle. 

The benefit of liquid flux is its transparency will let you see the solder joint easily when soldering and the liquid flows better in joints where the paste might not. The liquid flux also has a wider temperature range.

You do have to BEWARE of the liquid flux spreading too thinly on a soldering joint as it will provide less protection from fire scale. Aqui Flux does provide the best fire scale protection of any of the self-pickling hard soldering fluxes out there.

Learn how to work with Flux in a safe manner as well as more about storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill-handling procedures by clicking on the Materials Data Safety Sheet.


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