Wired Seeds Written Tutorial (PDF download)
Wired Seeds Written Tutorial (PDF download)
Wired Seeds Written Tutorial (PDF download)
Model: LNKT5
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* This is a downloadable PDF Tutorial for the Wired Seeds Project. The PDF will not be emailed to you. It will be available from a button during the checkout process. Follow the instructions below for downloading the PDF. *

You willlove the simplicity of this technique, which results in impressive,multi-textured beads. String, coil, and weave seed beads on wire tomake five different beaded beads.

Skill Level - For All Levels

Materials Needed
  • 1 spool of colored 24 gauge wire
  • 1 spool of colored 20 gauge wire
  • 3 colors, size 15 Japanese seed beads
  • 1 color, size 11 Japanese seed beads
  • 3/32" (2.4mm) mandrel to build your bead on
Tools Needed
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Instructions for Downloading the PDF
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