Books Wire & Fused Jewelry Book by Iris Sandkuhler
Books Wire & Fused Jewelry Book by Iris Sandkuhler
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Wire & Fused Jewelry, Iris Sandkuhler

Learn every step of the wire fusing process. Starting with a detailed discussion of the tools and materials, this book encompasses a lifetime of trial and error experience, saving you time and advancing you toward success. The 10 projects in this book were designed to successively build on your skills in working with wire. Starting with a charm bracelet, you will progress to harnessing found objects, creating a tiered "matchstick" necklace, fusing loops, and on to more complicated, decorative chain and composition work. Beautiful photos take you step-by-step through the process of creating pieces and offers many possible variations.

Iris Sandk├╝hler spent thirteen years as an art professor in both two-and three-dimensional media; the highlight of which was developing the jewelry/small metals program at Georgia Southern University. Today you will find her teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, traveling all over the United States (and worldwide via Distance Learning) to bring non-toxic techniques of metalsmithing to her students. Iris has exhibited internationally in places such as New York City, Berlin and Tokyo. The White House owns one of her pieces.

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