Retro Highway- Metal Patina Kit
Retro Highway- Metal Patina Kit
Retro Highway- Metal Patina Kit
Model: MM030
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Retro Highway- Metal Patina Kit

  • Specially formulated for metal
  • Permanent
  • Fast drying
  • Creates a patina effect
  • Blend and/or layer colors 
  • No acids and UV safe
  • Avoid contact with your skin.
  • Do not apply with your fingers. 
  • Use gloves when applying.
  • Work in a well ventilated area. 
  • Please keep away from children.
  • Learn how to work with these Patinas in a safe manner by clicking on the Materials Data Safety Sheet.

Apply a small amount onto a nonstick craft sheet or some wax paper to avoid staining your work surface. Using a flat paint brush, apply the patina to your metal piece. Allow the patina to dry before adding a second color and blot with a soft cloth for a layered look.

If you would like to remove the patina from any raised area, to have the metal underneath shine through, make sure to use the Reliefing Block while the paint is still a little tacky and has not completely dried. 

You can apply the Glaze to your dried patina surface to prevent oxidation of the exposed metal on raised surfaces. As an extender: mix thoroughly with Patina before applying to metal to create a glaze like effect. 

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