Jewelry Making Tools Coiling Plier
Jewelry Making Tools Coiling Plier
Jewelry Making Tools Coiling Plier
Model: PLR012
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Make loops and coils without nicking precious wire. Normal concave/convex pliers nick, but the Coiling Pliers allows you to hold the wire with the flat jaw while rotating the round jaw to form the perfect loop.

  • Comfort grips.
  • Non-rust, highly polished stainless steel jaws and standard step-jaw for consistent loops and coils.
  • The stepped jaws on these pliers are 5.5mm, 3.5mm and 2mm.

Do you ever need to whip out a quick coil to use as a bead or to cut up into jump rings? It's hard to get a perfect one on your round nose pliers because they are tapered. These pliers have a stepped jaw so you can stay on any given step to make a perfect and consistent coil. Just make sure that the tip of the first loop in your coil is pointed towards the tip of the tool. Then, as you feed the wire on, the coil will grow off of that initial coil, and you can keep it cranking as long as you want!


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