Wire & Sheet Metal Silver Filled Sheet, 3"x4", 24g
Wire & Sheet Metal Silver Filled Sheet, 3"x4", 24g
Model: SH069
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Silver Filled Sheet
Dead Soft
24 gauge

Each piece of sheet is a raw material varying from one another with slight imperfections that can be buffed and polished as you work the metal. 

We are pleased to offer this more economical alternative to sterling silver sheet.  Create your own blanks with a jeweler's saw.  It's not as hard as you might think.  Click here to learn how!

  • Great for metal stamping!
  • Silver Filled can be oxidized and polished just as Sterling Silver.
  • To finish the edges of these Silver Filled, we recommend hammering the edges or tumbling your finished piece.  Filling or sanding is not recommended as it may expose the copper core.
  • Silver Filled is hundreds of times thicker and more durable than Silver Plated.
  • Silver Filled is a thick layer of .925 Sterling Silver mechanically bonded to copper.
  • Silver Filled is 1/10 or 10% by silver weight.
  • Anyone who can wear Sterling Silver can wear Silver Filled without an allergic reaction.

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