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Model: MODEL-223
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This product is no longer available.

So many cutters can be confusing! To help with choosing the perfect cutter, we have provided the following information regarding all of the cutters that we carry at Beaducation.

A good cutter is an indispensable item in your toolbox. Treat it with care to ensure a long life. Do not use your wire cutters to cut memory wire or any other steel wire. Doing so will cause the head of the cutter to have a nick in the place where the wire was cut. This damage to the cutter is irreversible.

When cutting wire, you can feel the resistance of the wire as you cut. If you feel that the wire is too large or is difficult to cut through, STOP cutting and move up to a heavier duty plier.
Tool NameCloseupType of CutGaugesNotesFlush Cut
Cuts up to 18 gauge sterling silver dead soft wire and up to 16 gauge fine silver wire.
The Lindstrom pliers have ergonomic handles that fit great in the hand.

The head is rounded rather than tapered so the tip of the cutter has a longer life.
Super Flush Cut
Cuts up to a 14 gauge fine silver  wire and 16 gauge sterling silver dead soft wire. Do not cut thicker than 22 gauge with the tip of the cutter. Use the back 1/3 of the cutter for heavier gauges.
The Beaducation Team are all members of the  Tronex Fan Club!

Absolutely  best cutter for cutting extra wire away on wire wraps, cutting flush jumprings and everything in between.

Super Flush Cut
Cuts up to a 14 gauge fine silver wire and 16 gauge sterling silver dead soft wire. Do not cut thicker than 22 gauge with the tip of the cutter. Use the back 1/3 of the cutter for heavier gauges.All of the benefits of the Tronex Short Handle the Long Handle is 3 3/4" long and fits great in your hand. Some people like a longer handle as they find it more comfortable to use.
Super Flush Cut
Cuts 22 gauge and smaller.
The angulated cutter has a short, diagonal cutter. The right choice for cutting coils apart into jumprings and to snip away the last little bit of wire from a wire wrapped loop.

The fine tips on this cutter are really tapered making them a great tool for cutting in close places, however cutting larger gauge wire with such a fine tip will ruin the cutters.
Super Flush Cut
This cutter can be used to cut up to a 12 gauge (for Sterling) and 8 gauge (for Fine Silver) but only use the tip of the cutter for soft 20 gauge or thinner.
This cutter has an extra large oval head which is larger than the heads on our other Tronex cutters. The larger head makes the pliers stronger to cut heavier metals.
Super Flush Cut
This cutter can be used to cut up to a 14 gauge (for Sterling) and 10 gauge (for Fine Silver) but only use the tip of the cutter for soft 20 gauge or thinner.
The head of this cutter is oval shaped rather than pointed like the Tronex #223 series, which gives it more strength to cut heavier metals.
Flush CutCuts 18 gauge and smaller
A great all-purpose cutter and a great value for the money.

Avoid using the tips of the cutter on 18 gauge wire. Cut the wire at the center of the cutter to prolong the life of the jaws.
Flush CutCopper and Silver up to 12g and Fine Silver up to 8g
Hardened tool steel cutters with precision tip. Very good all purpose cutter and designed especially for heavy gauge wire. Cut copper and sterling up to 12 gauge and fine silver up to 8 gauge. The jaws of the cutter lay one slightly above the other. This is part of the design as this allows the cutter to flush cut heavy gauge wire.
Flush Cut
Great for heavier gauges of wire
10 gauge and 12 gauge, as well as flat wire.
This cutter is the best for heavier gauges of wire.

The hardened steel jaws of the cutter stay sharp through hundreds of cuts.

Use the ring on the end of the cutter to keep it closed when not in use.

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