Jewelry Making Tools Wooden Draw Plate
Jewelry Making Tools Wooden Draw Plate
Model: SHP008
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This draw plate is made of hard Rosewood with 12 smooth holes. Hole sizes are 1.2mm -6.5mm.

How to pull a woven chain through the draw plate:

1) Place draw plate in vise (shown here), or have someone hold it firmly.

2) If your chain is quite large in diameter, you may wish to stretch it just a little between your hands to thin it out, so it is little bigger than the largest hole in the draw plate.

3) Push the starting end wire through the largest hole on the draw plate. You should NOT have cut away any of the weaving done with scrap wire at the beginning.

4) Grip the scrap wire that sticks out through the hole in the draw plate using chain nose pliers.

5) Pull the chain all the way though the hole in the draw plate.

6) Repeat this step through the first hole. Continue this process through each consecutive hole until the chain is the diameter you want it to be.


The density of the weave is will affect how thin the chain will get when drawn through the draw plate. The average amount added when pulled is about 1" for every 2-3" of weave. For example, if your bracelet is 6" before pulling, it would be about 7-8 1/2" after pulling.

The chain will be stiff after drawing. Wiggle the chain between your fingers to loosen the weave.


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