Jewelry Making Tools 1/16" Riveting System
Jewelry Making Tools 1/16" Riveting System
Jewelry Making Tools 1/16" Riveting System
Jewelry Making Tools 1/16" Riveting System
Model: TL003
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This product is no longer available.

This new riveting system is designed to pierce metal up to 14 gauge and set semi-tubular rivets.  Semi-tubular rivets have a solid head that creates a finished look, and a tubular end that is set by a flaring method to create a secure, clean, and consistent connection.

This set is heat treated tool steel, unlike other riveting tools which are made from softer metals and then case hardened. This is what gives the Riveting System the strength and precision to perform as well as it does and allows you to pierce through material thicker than 14 gauge. 

Click here to see the rivets and accents to use with this tool.
Click here to see the 3/32" Eyelet Flaring Set, add-on for Riveting System.
Click here to see the Domed Piercing Base add-on.

This tool features a punch on one side to create the correct size hole for the rivet, and a flaring tool on the other end to set the rivet cleanly and precisely.  This versatile tool base is also designed to be interchangeable.  As new sizes and styles (such as our grommet setter/eyelet flaring tool.) become available, they can be purchased separately and quickly installed into the tool base allowing you flexibility in one compact tool.

NOTE:  This tool only works with the enclosed rivets specifically made for itIt will not work with wire rivets or silver rivet tube.

Set includes:
1/16" hole punch
1/16" Rivet flaring tool
Hex wrench
Rivet sample pack

 Unscrew the punch all the way before removing the metal or you will pull on the punch and weaken the tool.

Make sure the little circle of metal removed by the punch has popped out of the tool and isn't clogging up the hole. If it doesn't drop out, screw the tool down to push that little piece of scrap through. You can then give the tool a little shake to ensure that the metal falls right out.



After watching the online video about how to use this, it was a breeze! With the tool I can make uniform rivets with beautiful eyelets on the back or front, there are many options. I like that the hole punching and riveting is combined in a multi-purpose tool. I also find the add-on dome to be very handy for rings and such. This will get a lot of use!