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Basket Weave Wire Centerpiece
Instructor: Lisa Claxton
Technique(s): Wirework
Level: Intermediate
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The basket weave is a basic textile weaving technique. Learn how to design and construct this pendant using different gauges of wire, spacer bars, and beads. Watch as Lisa breaks down the different weaving and wire work techniques to complete the pendant so you can attach it to a necklace of your own design. This class is filled with great tips such as: using the proper tool for gripping your wire to make the weaving process easier, correcting a bent frame, making a basic loop, and tips on making even sized loops throughout your entire project.

This class has a running time of 63 minutes.
Tools And Materials

?Friday, ?June ?12, ?2015
Review of Basket Weave Wire Centerpiece with Lisa Claxton
Lisa demonstrates and clearly explains each step involved in the creation of this clever and very pretty pendant. Her voice is well suited to narration; she's easy to listen to and seems to answer any question you might have before you even think of one. Lisa easily works with the tools, wire and a small scatter of beads to create eye candy and she knows what she's doing. This and the professional, concise camera shots combine to make every step of this tutorial easy to understand and actually learn/remember.

I will be weaving this project and I look forward to seeing more of Lisa
Claxton's talent. Sheryl Davis
Basket Weave Wire Centerpiece with Lisa Claxton