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Stringing Fundamentals
Instructor: Kate Richbourg
Technique(s): Fundamentals
Level: Beginner
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This is a great class for new or intermediate bead stringers. Learn some straightforward techniques to ensure a beautiful piece of finished jewelry that fits and wears well for a long time.

This class has a run time of 50 minutes.

Wow! Who knew? What an in-depth video on the FUN-da-mentals of bead stringing. Kate takes you on a spell-bounding journey that covers the whole gamut of the basics. Again, I felt like I was in class with her and had her undivided attention. This video should mandatory for all Beaders of all levels. I loved the attention to the Beader's board and the crimper. Now I really understand why my bracelets and necklaces fall apart, but never again after watching this. I finally get it. Thanks a million Kate. And I loved the statement, that the beads natural habitat is on the floor, . . lots of giggles. The color palette that she chose for the bracelet is classic and timeless. All across the 'Beader's' board, another great video. Bravo Beaducation!
Bobbie aka: Rogue Perfumer